Lighting & Truss Rentals   
Theatrical and dance lighting can transform an ordinary location into a vivid wonderland.  With our talent and expertise we can make your dreams into a reality!
Colorful dance lighting increases the energy on the dance floor and helps release the vulverability of your guests.
Cut the cost of expensive decorations by adding uplighting to accent your location's beauty.  By adding uplighting to a room and/or building you can create an exciting, elegant, or even a romantic atmosphere. 
Have you ever wanted your name, image, or company logo projected on a dance floor, wall, or ceiling.  We are able to achieve this for a fraction of what you would expect to pay.  Call us for details.
If your event requires truss for accent, light rigging, or structural decoration we are the company to call.  Our staff can design and rig practically any combination of truss to incorporate your exact specifications.

Call us to see how we can make your event more memorable!
Baton Rouge Office: 225-296-0123
New Orleans Office: 504-799-5905

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